Telephony Tricks

There is some things, no matter how well they are taught or explained to me, I don’t think I’ll ever fully understand. Let me explain. Like how grass isn’t really green just the lights reflected back into our eyes are in the wave length that our eyes see as green or how blackholes work and how cartographers in the age before air travel and satellites made such accurate maps without ever leaving the ground. If you were to test me on these systems, I could tell you the process and the definitions associated with it; but I just can’t fully wrap my mind around and truly understand how its able to work.  Its still kinda magical to me.  I know its not magic, but it feels like it.  I could just accept how its been explained to me but I just think too much and I am honest in how I’m in awe of science. Like I get it, but I don’t get it. And even things I do understand very well and am not so mystified by like photosynthesis and evolution, I still think I am kinda in awe of its majesty and perfection, even if it is science, there is a divine and magical aspect to these things.  Just cause something is explained, doesn’t make it less amazing and awesome. Case and Point: Telephones. Im not talking about the digital phones today, I’m talking about the old school OG telephones and telegrams.  How the fuck did the sound waves from one persons voice travel along through a wire over such great distances so quick and accurately?! Like yeah I know how sound waves and electricity works but still omg I can’t conceive that it would actually work!Like I couldn’t imagine being a person in the 18-whenevers when phones were invented and not thinking that was some witchcraft.


Posted: February 12th, 2018
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